This is my CD collection. It has been growing steadily since 1987 when I bought my first CD player, and it will keep growing.

Various Artists compilations are found under "V" (as in Various Artists, obviously) and feature full track listings.

I'd say the items in my collection are:
- brilliant (30%)
- good (55%)
- pointless (10%)
- rubbish (5%)

The reasons I put my collection on my site are:
- to keep track of what I have
- to help other collectors find info about CDs they might be looking for
- to show off

I also have to make something clear: I DO NOT SELL ANY OF MY CDs! As a collector I will not part with anything in my collection, regardless of whether I actually like it or not. Once a CD is in my collection it stays there!

However, if you have any questions about my collection and the CDs in it, please feel free to send me an e-mail!